The Future of eyewear is here

Custom everything. by you. for you. in 3D



take control

use the specsy mobile app to design your perfect glasses or sunglasses

Our mobile app enables you to design and order your perfect eyewear anytime, anywhere.

Capture your 3D scan through the Specsy app and start designing your custom eyewear immediately.

Personalize with limitless options and share your design online.



how it works


step 1: 3d scan

Capture your 3D scan with the Specsy mobile app. Your custom Specsy glasses are crafted for you based on the unique facial dimensions captured through your 3D scan.


step 2: Customize

Use the Specsy mobile app to customize every element of your glasses, including shape, colour, pattern, size and monogram. Accurately view and share your glasses on your 3D avatar.


step 3: order

Conveniently order your Specsy custom glasses directly through the app. Receive your prescription custom glasses from a Specsy partner optician or your non-prescription sunglasses or frames in the mail.