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Well, almost...
we're loading it in all its
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How it works


Based on our years of expertise in 3D printing for surgical healthcare, we wondered "Could we take customized eyewear further than it's ever been? And how will we do that?" It's not enough to simply build rough prototypes on low quality printers and say that it's a custom 3D printed frame. We want to produce eyewear that is indistinguishable in quality from the frames you're used to, but exceeds everyone's expectations when it comes to customization options. And we want the entire process to be fun, easy and limitless. We're confident you've never seen glasses like ours anywhere, and we're just getting started. How do we do it? Here's how:

img Step 1 | Capture 3D Photo

Come visit a Specsy pop-up location to get your 3D photo. We will also be rolling out our service at optician and optometrist offices in late August. If you are really adventurous, you can register and try doing it yourself with your cell phone camera (but be warned. This is not for the faint of heart or the impatient).

img Step 2 | Design Your Frames

Use the Specsy online webapp to design your perfect pair of glasses on your 3D photo. Any shape, any colour, any fit, any pattern, it’s all up to you because it’s all made by you. Try the demo or log in if you already have a 3D photo. Sunglasses and frames are available to order online. Prescription eyewear will be available exclusively through eyecare professionals.

img Step 3 | 3D Print Your Design

Every pair of Specsy frames is uncompromisingly personal in fit and style, because we 3D print your frames for you and only you. And every pair of Specsy eyewear is created right here in Toronto, Canada. We use the most advanced 3D color printer on the market and our in-house custom design software to produce our frames.

img Step 4 | Hand Craft Frames

Once 3D printed, we individually polish, assemble, and inspect every pair of Specsy frames. We use advanced to technology to design and 3D print your frames, but we still adhere to the principles of handmade artisanal craftsmanship to finish every frame.

img Step 5 | Insert Lenses

Polarization? Standard, if you want it. Anti-scratch Coating? Standard. Your choice of tinted, gradient or mirrored finish? Standard. We don't believe in cutting corners. High quality lenses with all the bells and whistles are our modus operandi, at no extra charge. For prescription lenses, we believe that you should work with a local eyecare professional, so we do not have prescription eyewear available directly.

img Step 6 | Dispense Your Glasses

All prescription glasses must be dispensed by a licensed Optician. We like to follow the rules (even when playing Monopoly) so we have partnered with local opticians to deliver and dispense your prescription Specsy eyewear. If you are an optician that would like to distribute Specsy, please get in touch for an information package.

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