It's Specsy Time

Well, almost...
we're loading it in all its
3D adjustable glory right now

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Our Story

We started Specsy upon realizing that the time for bespoke eyewear had finally arrived. We are the first company to bring multicolor 3D printed eyewear to the market

If you would like to see the progress we've made on our journey since inception, we highly recommend our main instagram feed (@realspecsy). And for anyone that wants to see what happens behind the scenes, take a look at our @teamspecsy feed.

It is worth noting that although Specsy is young, our expertise in 3D printing for healthcare reaches back several years, and our founders operate one of the leading 3D printing facilities for dental implant surgical guides in Canada through our affiliated company, Canaray.

The motivation to start Specsy came from a realization that we live in a world that allows us to customize every element of our daily surroundings, from coffee orders to music playlists. So why is this not available for something as intimate as our glasses? We figured that the technical advancements required to pull this off had already been made and were within our scope of expertise, so it was time to take this out of the "interesting prototype" stage (that many companies have been demonstrating for years) and into the mainstream.

So here we are. Things are changing every day at Specsy, and the breakneck pace means that the advancements come quickly as well, so you can expect frequent updates and improvments across the board as we push the boundaries of customization, so that you can create one-of-a-kind eyewear that is limited only by your imagination!

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