It's Specsy Time

Well, almost...
we're loading it in all its
3D adjustable glory right now

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Specsy Pro


Made by you
Specsy gives you the power to craft custom frames that fit your patients comfortably and precisely.
At it's core, past our 3D printers and beyond our app, Specsy is about one-of-a-kind personaliztion, giving your patients the chance to receive frames that feel and look just as unique as they are.


Step One | Capture 3D Photo

  • Use the Specsy scanner to capture your patient’s 3D photo.
  • Dimensionally accurate facial measurements are captured through the 3D photo. These dimensions are used to produce your patient’s custom frames.

Step Two | Design Frames

  • Work with your patient to design their custom frames based on their unique facial dimensions.
  • Customize every aspect of the frame including, frame width and height, bridge width and slope, and temple length.

Step Three | Frames Produced

  • Specsy manufactures all frames with a polyjet 3D printer. Every single pair of frames is produced to the patient’s unique specifications.
  • Once frames are produced, they’re distributed to the Optician for lens insertion and dispensing.

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