It's Specsy Time

Well, almost...
we're loading it in all its
3D adjustable glory right now

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We love 3D printing. In fact, this passion for and knowledge of 3D printing was what motivated us to start Specsy.
At Specsy Headquarters (or HQ for those in the know) we use the best multi-colour, multi-material, polyjet 3D printer currently available on the market.
Utilizing the most cutting edge 3D printer available enables us to create the highest quality product possible for you, our customer. To be honest, it also gives us the freedom to try experimenting with other neat 3D printed objects (unicorn cookie cutter anyone?)


We have infinite colour and pattern versatility by utilizing CMYK colour input and print material.


Multi-material handling, including a transparency, white and black option, enables us to offer limitless design options without swapping material canisters.


PolyJet is a 3D printing process that creates forms by layering and then light curing a liquid photopolymer. This process enables high resolution, multi-colours printing.


The average pair of Specsy frames takes 3000 layers, or 6 hours, to print. Polishing takes approximately 3 days. Assembly takes a final 1 hour.

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